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We are not a business and we do not impose or abide by any obscure legal guidelines. We don't act like douchebags and in turn ask for you to do the same.



We do have some quirks due to the method we obtain some pieces of data, but they are not out of the ordinary. Here is the rundown:

  • No music files are hosted, maintained or modified by The Music Tank. The music is provided by public Youtube APIs. To prevent us from using your copywrited material you may submit a copyright takedown notice directly on Youtube.
  • Each time you login to this website using an account linked to an external website (like Facebook), we pull what we think is the bare minimum of information we need to associate it with a TMT account such as your email and profile picture.
  • We cannot exactly say what these APIs do with your personal data but one can find information on the provider's homepage.
  • We do not attempt to go snooping around your social networks and we only keep your account id in order for us to re-link your TMT account when you log back in.
  • User profiles on TMT are public and everyone can see your ratings.
  • When you delete your profile, we will ask you if we can keep the reviews data you may have generated. If you allow us to keep them, we will keep using your reviews for curve calculations though they will no longer point to a resolvable user ID.